Scientists Offer Hope For Terminal Cancer

Scientists have unravelled a treatment that can offer hope for those with terminal cancer. All cancers cells, regardless of the amount of times they mutate, carry an identifiable “flag”. The “flags” are spotted by the immune system, where immune cells are sent out to attack, but in too small a number for them to completely wipe the cancer out.

If scientists are able to artificially multiply those immune cells and transfer them back to the patient, the outcomes of cases of cancer that have spread throughout the body would be much more prosperous.

Researchers are feeling hopeful that within two years, trials will be carried out on patients. In short, this discovery has proven that in a hopefully not too distant future, doctors and scientists will be able to identify the genetic makeup of a cancerous tumour, locate the “flags” and engineer thousands upon thousands of immune cells that will successfully combat the cancer.

Article featured in The Telegraph. For full article, please click here