Mission & objectives

Our mission

What is our mission?

At the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation, we are working hard to build awareness of head and neck cancers amongst the public.

We want everyone in the UK to know how to check themselves and know what a normal mouth looks like. Then they can quickly recognise anything that is abnormal and know what to do next.

In addition to this, we are funding the research, technology and training needed for a number of innovative and minimally invasive head and neck cancer treatments - reducing the impact of surgery on sufferers and enabling them to get back to a normal life with minimal impact.

We are striving to minimise the impact of head and neck cancer surgery so that patients can maintain a high quality of life post-treatment. We can, with your help, achieve this.

    Our objectives explained


    We have an ongoing awareness campaign on social media - which shows you just how to check your mouth and what changes you should be looking for. So far, over two and a half million people have watched and shared our video. Early diagnosis can increase the survival rate by 90%! Put simply: our video saves lives!

    Watch the video here and please share it with your friends, family and work colleagues - as you could be saving someone’s life.

    Our objectives explained


    We are delivering training to cancer centres and theatre teams across the UK in the Sentinel Node Biopsy technique, SNB for short. SNB will revolutionise the management of mouth cancer in the UK and will set the pace for Europe and America. We want to ensure that all cancer centres have access to and are trained in using SNB. 

    Thirty-one cases of head and neck cancer are diagnosed every single day - that’s one new person facing a life-changing illness roughly every 45 minutes of every day, of every week, of every year.  The number of people diagnosed with mouth cancer is growing.  SNB can give them hope, greater chances of survival and better outcomes.

    Sentinel Node Biopsy reduces the need for major surgery by 70%.

    Our objectives explained


    In addition to training surgical teams in Sentinel Node Biopsy we also fund the rollout of, and research into a number of innovative new treatments that utilise new technologies leading to less invasive surgeries.